The Thing Itself: An Artwork by Claire Reddleman

The Thing Itself is a piece of bookart by Claire Reddleman derived from two photographs which constitute part of her series To Set The Darkness Echoing.  It consists of 100 acetates that deconstruct these images and return them, in fragmented form, to the viewer for her to create a new sense of the work.  It incorporates a prose poem, in similarly fragmented form.

It grew out of, but departs from, an engagement with the critical theory of Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault and Roland Barthes, which can be explored further here.

It is a large book of 100 acetate leaves which can be seen in its totality here.  This survey represents simply one way of encountering this artwork and is purely representative; this website is not The Thing Itself but rather a presentation of a series of encounters with it.

It includes a transcript of a discussion between the artist and Robert Vas Dias, poet and collaborator on a number of artists book projects.

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